Brief Introduction :

Sun Sine Solution Private Limited, Chennai is a clean tech company founded by techno entrepreneurs for creating innovative products in energy sector.

The name of the company is chosen as Sun Sine to make anyone understand easily that the company is engaged in developing solution for alternating current (AC energy that is Sine Wave which is used in all our power appliances) directly from the Sun shine / Solar irradiation and the slogan of the company is Green Global Initiative. This can be visualized in the Logo of the company.

Vision :

To create a world class clean tech business company.

Mission :

The vision of the company is met by creating unique quality products for renewable energy, measuring & monitoring solutions for energy sector. These products / solutions are needed for the energy starved world to protect the environment and fossil-fuels for future generation.

Products promoted by the company :

  • Smart Solar Inverter
  • Hybrid Home Solar System
  • Multi-function Energy Meters
  • Smart Energy Software Solutions

Company Infra-structure & Future plan:

The company has a strong Research & Development Department which designs & develops the products using latest hardware & software. The products are unique in nature with flair of modularity & scalability for future applications / needs. The products are manufactured with stringent quality control by world class EMS companies both in India & abroad. The financials of the company is good with adequate equity base and backed by ethical & strong private investors.